Private Drum Lessons

Private Drum Lessons

The Value of Personal Instruction

Having a personal instructor is like having a knowledgeable guide on a perilous journey into the wilderness. I help students figure out where they want to go, help them plan on how to get there, and then guide them on that journey.

First, as a personal instructor, I help students figure out what they want to accomplish and where they want to go musically. Once they know where they’re going, I give them the tools to make the journey. The dizzying inflation of modern media (especially online material) can cause information overload, which can feel overwhelming and discouraging before people even start their musical adventure. I assess my students’ particular needs and give them the right materials to achieve their goals without the hit-or-miss process of trying to figure it out on their own. Private drum lessons make a big difference.

Interactive Experience

Drum Lessons Madison WI The interaction that comes with one-on-one drum lessons is invaluable for innumerable reasons. Seeing, hearing, and feeling music live is the most direct and powerful way to experience it. Demonstrating drum patterns in person allows my students the best possible perspective to understand them and to recreate them. I also act as a role model for what a good drummer does and help my students understand how to do it themselves.

I give students instant evaluation and feedback as they learn a new skill. I assess my students’ technique and prescribe the most appropriate remedy before bad habits set in. The one-on-one nature of our interaction allows my students to get answers to their questions. I can demonstrate a technique at a slower pace or take a different approach if something feels like it’s just not working. I tailor lessons for each student.

Effective Mentoring

Private Drum Lesson in Madison WI with Chris VincentThe bottom line is that face-to-face interaction with an experienced player who can demonstrate and articulate musical concepts will help a student develop faster than on their own. Just as absorbing a new language by speaking it with another person, using a learned vocabulary to musically interact with a fluent player speeds the process of ingraining that vocabulary, learning to think musically, and playing music with others!

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