About Chris Vincent

About Chris Vincent

My name is Chris Vincent, and I’ve been playing drums for 20 years and teaching drums for over 6 years. I started teaching drums because I love music, I love percussion, I love developing my musical ability, and I love working with people who feel the same way. I help my students learn to express themselves with percussion. I believe that the better they express themselves, the more fun they have!

chris vincentOnce I discovered the drums, I immediately began taking lessons and playing with friends in rock bands. Soon after, I joined my high school jazz combo. After high school I studied percussion (solo, concert, and percussion ensemble) and music history at UW-Madison, graduating with a BA from the UW School of Music.

From there I began teaching percussion in a variety of forms. While most of my students study the drum set, I also work with students on concert percussion (such as solo snare, mallet keyboards, or timpani). Beyond one-on-one teaching, I also work with larger groups coaching marching bands and percussion sections, as well as facilitating drum circles. I also do ensemble coaching for student rock and jazz bands, both youth and adult.

Drum-Lessons-Madison-WI--Pic-9In my experience, helping others on their musical paths is a joy and an honor. In addition to helping others, I have continued to stoke my personal passion and develop my musical voice, playing in various groups (rock, pop, jazz, blues, metal, progressive). Though my most recent endeavor was a prog-rock band, the Secret Society of Starfish, I’m currently feeding my love for jazz drumming.

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